In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation

In vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation plays a vital role in basic research and therapeutic drug development. Pharmacodynamic research can help define the clinical potential of a new drug and identify the strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other drugs already sold on the market. Animal tumor models focus on spontaneous tumors transplanted models. Transplanted tumors have the advantages of definite characteristics: rapid and reliable tumor growth short experimental period, models for various types.

Alternative animal models can be applied as cost-effective research tools to conduct intensive and reliable experiments for personalized research purposes.

Prefabricated models can be completed in 4 weeks from the bearing of tumor to the end of administration, and we have abundant antibodies and cell lines. We are committed to offer batch-to batch consistency in cell resources with high stability and low within-group variation.

Service Highlights

1. A Wide Array of Mouse Strains and Disease Models

  • We have a wide array of transgenic mice and different immunodeficient mice to meet your demands, and 60+ tumor models have been successfully established, covering major clinical tumor species.

2. Standardized Laboratory Animal Facility

  • We have rented SPF /Elite animal facility, high-quality laboratory mice and meet animal ethics requirements.

3. High Quality One-stop Service

  • We are committed to provide you with one-stop high-quality services, from antibody production and purification, tumor cell line construction and customized in vivo efficacy models.

4. Excellent Experience in Project

  • We are highly experienced and focus on xenograft tumor models for the discovery novel anti-tumor agents (covering Antibodies, Bi/Tri-specific Antibody and Antibody–drug conjugates) with professional knowledge and comprehensive capability.

5. Fast and High-quality Delivery in 56 days

  • We have a broad range of human xenograft tumor cell lines that are commonly used and provide with customized service to evaluate novel anti-tumor agents in a timely and cost-effective method.

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