Pharmacodynamics Analysis & Evaluation

Based on the U-GEMM repository, the pharmacodynamics evaluation service from Shanghai Model Organisms can conduct main pharmacodynamics study on the drugs for anti-inflammatory-immunity, antineoplastic, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and metabolic diseases,etc, satisfy the study requirements of different layers of in vivo experiments, mechanism investigation and molecular biological study, and confirm the effectiveness and safety of new drug(s), to provide professional pharmacodynamics evaluation services for pharmaceutical enterprises, biomedical research institutes, new drug development centers, new drug R&D institutes of colleges and univesities and other organizations home and overseas.

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Workshop:Progress and Advances in Preclinical immuno-Oncology Research

SMOC’s Annual Progress and Advances in Preclinical immuno-Oncology Research: The workshop is designed as a forum for ideas and opinions exchange on how to decrease the rate of clinical failures in oncology and immuno-oncology.

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Shanghai Model Organisms Jinshan R&D Base officially put into operation

After the base is put into operation, SMOC’s capability to provide genetically modified rat/mouse models and technical services including gene function research and drug development will be greatly enhanced.

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