In-depth Antibody Humanization

In order to overcome the heterologous reaction of murine monoclonal antibody, the framework of IgV region can be humanized based on the chimeric antibody, and the humanized rate can reach more than 90%. Based on this technology, we have integrated computer 3D structure simulation and database sequence analysis, and launched the in-depth humanization service of antibodies.

The in-depth antibody humanization service integrates the technologies of non-human sequence 3D structure simulation and analysis, eukaryotic expression and purification identification, affinity and functional assay, etc. On the premise of retaining both specificity and affinity of the antibody, the antibodies with more than 95% humanization were eventually obtained.


Service Highlights

1. 3D humanized design and in-depth antibody engineering

  • Based on the 3D structure design and unique humanized antibody database, and guided by a large number of humanized data, the antibodies with more than 95% humanization can be obtained, which can minimize the heterogeneity of antibodies and keep their specificity and affinity unchanged.


2. Unique database and reliable design

  • A unique humanized design database is formed based on the rich project design and validation data.


3. Eukaryotic expression system, natural modification

  • Using CHO or HEK293 transient expression system, the antibodies obtained have relatively complete post-translational modification.


4. Extensive project experience and high success rate

  • Our expert team has rich experience in antibody humanization. We have completed more than 160 cases of humanized antibody design, of which more than 40 designed antibodies are in the clinical application stage, and 7 are in the clinical trial stage.


5. Fast delivery in 4-6 weeks and with high quality

  • The one-stop delivery from humanization design, gene synthesis, plasmid construction, protein expression, purification to protein identification only takes 4-6 weeks, which is at the top level in the industry.

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