Mitochondrial STAT3 exacerbates LPS-induced sepsis by driving CPT1a-mediated fatty acid oxidation

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Rosa26-LSL-MLS-STAT3 Research field:Septicemia

Genetic Proliferation Tracing Reveals a Rapid Cell Cycle Withdrawal in Preadolescent Cardiomyocytes

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Ki67-CrexER,Tnnt2-mTnG Research field:Cardiovascular

A two-adjuvant multiantigen candidate vaccine induces superior protective immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 challenge

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:CAG-hACE2-IRES-Luc-Tg Research field:SARS-CoV-2

A novel role for interleukin 32 in cholestasis

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Abcb4-KO(FVB) Research field:Cholestasis and Gallbladder Disease

Seamless Genetic Recording of Transiently Activated Mesenchymal Gene Expression in Endothelial Cells During Cardiac Fibrosis

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:αSMA-LSL-Dre, Zeb1-LSL-Dre, and R26-CreER Research field:Heart

The oncolytic virus VT09X optimizes immune checkpoint therapy in low immunogenic melanoma

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:hPD-1 Research field:Immune checkpoint therapy

Cell proliferation fate mapping reveals regional cardiomyocyte cell-cycle activity in subendocardial muscle of left ventricle

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Rosa26-DreER ,Ki67-CrexER Research field:Cardiovascular Research

ZFP91 disturbs metabolic fitness and antitumor activity of tumor-infiltrating T cells

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Zfp91-floxed Research field:T cell

SNX10-mediated LPS sensing causes intestinal barrier dysfunction via a caspase-5-dependent signaling cascade

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Snx10-floxed Research field:IBD

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Rosa26-LSL-linc-AhRA Research field:autoimmune

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