Zebrafish · Nematode

Shanghai Model Organisms Zebrafish Technical Service Platform

The platform has been certified by AAALAC international authority, and can accommodate nearly 5,000 adult zebrafish and more than 20,000 embryos per week; it has successfully applied for many government research projects and cooperated with more than 30 units in zebrafish technology. The services include:

  • Gene editing and function research

  • Rapid pharmacodynamics evaluation and screening

  • Drug safety assessment

Shanghai Model Organisms Nematod Technical Service Platform

can provided a variety of nematode related experimental services, including:

  • Nematod gene editing (gene modification, gene knock-out, RNAi)

  • Study on aging and lifespan

  • Oxidative stress research

  • Pharmacodynamics evaluation

  • Water and soil environmental assessment

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