Isolation and characterization of a pangolin-borne HKU4-related coronavirus that potentially infects human-DPP4-transgenic mice

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:hDPP4 Research field:coronavirus infection

TMEM135 maintains the equilibrium of osteogenesis and adipogenesis by regulating mitochondrial dynamics

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Tmem135-KO Research field:Osteoporosis

The BCL-2 inhibitor APG-2575 resets tumor-associated macrophages toward the M1 phenotype, promoting a favorable response to anti-PD-1 therapy via NLRP3 activation

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:huHSC-(M-NSG) Research field:The therapeutic mechanism of immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer

RNA m6A methylation modulates airway inflammation in allergic asthma via PTX3- dependent macrophage homeostasis

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Mettl3-Flox Research field:allergic asthma

CCL2-mediated inflammatory pathogenesis underlies high myopia-related anxiety

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:R26-CAG-EGFP Research field:high myopia and anxiety

Bone marrow immune cells respond to fluctuating nutritional stress to constrain weight regain

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:R26-CAG-LSL-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR Research field:Obesity

Gut microbes exacerbate systemic inflammation and behavior disorders in neurologic disease CADASIL

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Notch3-R170C Research field:CADASIL

Loss of Mettl3 enhances liver tumorigenesis by inducing hepatocyte dedifferentiation and hyperproliferation

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:H11-CAG-LSL-Myc Research field:hepatocellular carcinoma

Noncanonical contribution of microglial transcription factor NR4A1 to post-stroke recovery through TNF mRNA destabilization

Model Organisms:Mice Product & Service:Tmem119-2A-CreERT2 Research field:Microglia-mediated neuroinflammation, post-stroke recovery

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